Screen, Webcam And

Sketch Board Recorder

With An Integrated Editor

AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder Easy way to create GIF from screen recording, multi images. This is a GIF recorder as well as editor. Webcam recording and canvas recording support.

We have all the features you might need

Use It Record Your Screen

AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder to record your screen, your webcam feed or sketch board drawings.

Webcam Record

Use the recordpausediscard or stop buttons to control your capture. Select the maximum FPS of the capture.

Sketch board : auto-capture

Enable the auto-capture or press Ctrl to toggle (pauses or captures it, depending if the auto-capture is enabled or disabled).

Style your GIF Recording

Frame manipulation or image manipulation and lot’s of basic control to style your GIF Recording 

Customize GIF & Application

Application, Recorder, Editor, Task, Shortcuts, Language and storage Customize with GIF Recording Customize. 

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I really like AZ screen Recorder app a lot! It's very easy to configure and use... Very intuitive ad user friendly. Even if you're a noob, AZ screen recorder should be a painless experience. Great work..

Harjot Kaur


Work extremely well! The app is beautifully designed and easy to use too record screen to GIF. Highly recommended to download and use AZ Sreen Recorde, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder.

Gurvi Narula


AZ screen Recorder, GIF Recorder app is just what I needed, it's UI is intuitive, feels like I've been using it for my whole life once I Opened, everything was exactly where i thought it would be great.

Rajeev Thakur


Very Good Application, Powerful and easy to use.Great job to the developers and thankyou for making application like this. Making gifs is often the best and faster way to explain something.

Harsul Hisham


This is The best Screen recording and GIF Recorder Editor. It Work so well! this is amazing. I recommended to AZ Screen recorder application for Screen recording of GIF recording. Great work....!

Jonathan Morgan