AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder is the top free app to record your screen without root, unless time limit, and without watermark, you can make a GIF of record screen. Download AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder now to like Full HD quality Screen recording and you can also preserve this in GIF. Control start or stop screen recording with only one tap or with shortcuts keywords. AZ Screen Recorder, Recorder Editor, GIF, Video Recorder is very easy-to-use. As a free screen recording application. You can record live shows, capture videos that cannot be downloaded, record games, share online videos, and also convert recordings to GIF. AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder offers a lot of characteristics such as:

  • Write free text, resize, cinemograph, crop, free drawing, watermark, border, darkness, and more.
  • Fade and Slide shift available.
  • Capture prevalence per second, per minute, and per hour.
  • Edit your GIF before save.
  • Screen recording, you can rescue in GIF or video layout using this application.
  • Manage all images in GIF.
  • Crop images: Remove undesired parts.
  • Include text, and draw on images.

STEP 1: When the app opens, click on the Canvas switch.

STEP 2: Record a small video (recommended: 20-30 seconds max)

  • Enable the auto-trapping or press Ctrl to toggle (pauses or captures it, depending on if the auto-trapping is enabled or disabled).
  • Your screen recorder.
  • Choose the highest FPS of the capture GIF.
  • Rescale the window to adjust the size of the capture GIF.
  • Easily draw over the canvas, but first see auto record option allows here you can draw or weed out the shape and make Spirited GIF.

After Canvas auto recording when you end the recording you will auto reroute to GIF Editor: Where you can revise your Webcam record GIF.

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Very Good Application, Powerful and easy to use.Great job to the developers and thankyou for making application like this. Making gifs is often the best and faster way to explain something.

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