PIP Camera-Photo Editor

Download PIP Camera Photo Editor now and enjoy creating stunning pictures with PIP frames

PIP Camera Photo Editor is a picture-in-picture (Picture In Picture) maker with powerful photo overlays, amazing filter effects, stickers, and text.

For every picture, you can choose whether to take it with your camera or pick from the library.

Although PIP Camera includes a variety of shapes and frames to insert your photos into, even these may seem limited after a while.

Sharing on social networks is a must nowadays, and PIP Camera makes it easy. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best fits in this case.

Features of PIP Camera Photo Editor: ★ Import your photo from the gallery and camera. ★ Apply more effects or frames with different shapes; you can easily choose and apply frames as you like. ★ Blur effects are applied to photos automatically, and you can change filters in PIP Camera.

Download PIP Camera Photo Editor now and enjoy creating stunning pictures with PIP frames.

Guide to Use PIP Camera-Photo Editor:

Step 1:-  After installing the app on your PC or laptop, launch it and click on the PIP photo editor among the three options on the home screen: gallery, camera, and purchase.

Step 2:-  Choose the frame you prefer from the available options and select an image from your gallery to fit into the frame. Once you’ve selected the photo, position it within the frame using the layout function accordingly.

Step 2:-  Once you’ve selected your favorite frames, you can either choose an image from the gallery or capture a new one using the camera.

Step 3:- The ‘Effects’ function provides various tools to enhance your collage. Utilize the Filter icon to apply different filter effects and beautify your picture. Click on the Filters button, choose an awesome filter, and click on it to apply it to the photo.

Step 4:-  Utilize the Stickers icon to add stickers to your collage based on the mood of the picture. There are plenty of funny and cool stickers available; click on the Stickers icon to apply them to your PIP effect photo.

Step 5:-  Click on the Text button, and a text box will appear after selecting the text option. Write your words in the text box, choose the text style and color, then click on the ‘Done’ button to finalize. Arrange the text position as desired.

Step 6:-  Save your image to your desired location and share it on social media platforms.