Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker is the easiest app is designed for YouTubers to create thumbnails and banners for their Youtube Channel! This is the easiest app to do so.

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker is the easiest app is designed for YouTubers to create thumbnails and banners for their Youtube Channel! This is the easiest app to do so.

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker has an abundance of professional templates to choose from. You can customize images, graphics, colors, and fonts to match your video. Download easily as an image file and upload to YouTube as a video cover.

Need something to create your youtube channel art, then this app has all the tools required to create thumbnails and banners.

Size Cropped to 1280×780:

 The app automatically crops your thumbnail image to 1280×780 so your creation can be uploaded instantly to your favorite youtube videos!


Select from multiple backgrounds to create youtube banners.


 Apply color enhancing filters over your images for high-quality images

Import own image:

 Get image from the album – Import your own picture on the background image to add as a thumbnail design

Banner Maker Artwork:

Banner Artwork – Scroll and select among hundreds of graphics to create a brand new banner

Add typography fonts:

Add uniquely crafted fonts over your designs to attract youtube viewer’s attention

Thumbnail and banner maker app is jointly made by several youtubers who know the importance of having a good channel art design to attract viewers.

We know how important a thumbnail and banner are for a YouTube user, create extraordinary banners with this great app.

With the app, “Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker”, the user can also include title text to deliver context and use the most competent font style. Fine contrast with the bright background only with Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker. Use a relevant and transcendent image to make thumbnails and banners for YouTube. With Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker you can also include an image of the face & Make eye contact with the viewer. Consistency can be maintained with Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker. The users can also analyze their competitors. Create a design for a small screen. Finalize & export your thumbnail using the app. When your YouTube thumbnail design is ready to go, download it to your computer or, even easier, Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker lets you export your thumbnail directly to your channel. 

 Download now to get access to its full features with additional editing options.

Guide to use: Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker

Step 1: Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e. Click on start button to start the app. You will clearly see three options, “create thumbnail”, “how to use: step by step”, and “premium access”. Click on create thumbnail and record or capture something to proceed further.

Step 2: After you have captured or recorded a perfect scene, there are a lot of editing tools which the user can employ and create a magnificient thumbnail and a banner using Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker. The first tool being the “background” tool.

  • Here you can Choose background for your thumbnail.
  • Color : In color option you can also choose color for your thumbnail backround.

Step 3: The second tool being the “filters” options.  The palette of the “ filters” tool is filled with handful amount of filters and some of them are locked and the user needs to gets a premium access for using those aesthetically supreme filters. They can really decorate your picture and magnify and intensify them. Use the filters to enhance the thumbnail, to stand different from others.

Step 4: the next option which you can use to enhance the thumbnail or the banner, whichever you are creating, is the “LOGO” tool. You can choose our given logos or create your own logo. Wide range of logos available in our app- Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker. You can affix as many logos as you want on the thumbnail and create a good thumbnail. Also by using the “setting” option you can  flip your logo. You can adjust the opacity & brightness level of your logo

Step 5: “Add Text” tool can be used to incorporate the text which is wrapped within your thumbnail. Click on text icon to write text for your thumbnail. You can customize your text. Customization of text involves different styles of font and font size and font color and the highlight color. All these xustomization tools are available in the app- Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker. You can adjust the opacity and brightness of your text over the thumbnail.

Step 6:  You can capture photos from Camera or choose photo from Gallery for your thumbnail or the banner. Easily save your thumbnail or the banner image in JPG or PNG format. Save and share on social networking sites.