Split Camera HD - Clone Camera

Download the Split Camera Clone Camera app and share your creativity.

Split Camera HD – Clone Camera is an endearing application curated by the developer. Make it feel dual by using Split Camera HD to clone yourself. Capture two images and clone them vertically or horizontally as per your requirement. Split Camera HD – Clone Camera lets you click two photos with the inbuilt camera. You can scroll and adjust the photos, tweak the outline, add custom filters to beautify them, and subsequently, save and share. Split Camera apportions your camera into several sections with layouts. You can choose to blend these images together to create a special effect. You can also create a contrast between the photos to collage multiple images.

It’s an amazing Selfie app that lets you clone randomly clicked photos, providing a realistic dual look with the same background. Capture different poses, clone your friends, and much more. It has never been easier to clone yourself or your friends. Easily switch between the back and front cameras.

The self-timer makes cloning easy, and thanks to the blender, the shots don’t need to be perfectly aligned. The square picture format is perfect for online sharing.

After designing your photo, share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social platforms. The self-timer makes cloning simple, and thanks to the blender, the shot doesn’t need to be flawlessly regulated. Split Camera is an all-in-one cloning application that also offers numerous features to make it superior to others. Download the Split Camera Clone Camera app and share your creativity.

Guide to Use: Split Camera HD – Clone Camera

Step 1:-  We are delighted that you have chosen us to meet your needs for creating awesome and captivating posters and photo frames.

Step 2:-  Sit tight and let the enriching experience begin by clicking on the application after successfully downloading this wondrous app on your PC or laptop.

Step 3:-  After opening the app, you’ll find the ‘Start’ option. Begin the application by clicking on this button. Locate the “camera” option, click on it, and capture a selfie or any picture to proceed. This will enable you to use the tools embedded in the app, Split Camera HD – Clone Camera.

Step 4:-  After capturing the initial picture, capture another one, and witness how the app seamlessly wraps the previous image, creating a captivating picture-in-picture effect.

Step 5:-  Explore a variety of filter effects, including Clyde, Hass, Arizona, Lucky, Dean, Key Lime, Boardwalk, Sentosa, and many more, along with options like Fresh, B&W, Original, and more. Select the one that enhances the magnificence of your picture.

Step 6:-  After completing the editing process, click on the save button to store the edited frame or created poster in your device’s gallery. The Split Camera HD – Clone Camera application will display the file path for the saved image. Locate it and share your creation with friends and family members.