Slideshow Maker with Music FX - Music Video Maker

One of the best Slideshow maker app to merge photos in a video create memories with bunch of photos
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Guide to use Slideshow Maker with Music FX - Music Video Maker :

Let’s get started : Click on slideshow button

  • Click on Slideshow button and choose multiple photos to create slideshow video of your photo.


  • Click on slideshow button and choose multiple photos from your gallery.
  • After select photos select Transition button and choose slideshow effect.
  • Click on Record button and arrange your photo to slide.
  • Click on add button to add more photos
  • click on delete icon to delete photo from list.
  • set video length and click on OK button.
  • Click on effect button and apply different different filter effect on video.
  •  Select video and apply filter effect and click on accept button to apply effect on video.
  • Click on Theme Button to choose video theme.
  • Amazing video themes available to choose.
  • Click on Music to add music to your video.
  • You can add music from track list or from your device.
  • After select music set staring or ending time of music. 
  • Click on Multi music button and add multiple music in video set timing of music.
  • Click on Sticker button and you can apply awesome GIPHY gif stickers.
  • Click on sticker and set its location on video
  • You can also apply normal stickers click on stickers button and select second tab normal stickers button.
  • and choose your stickers and set it to your video.
  • Click on Text button and write your text double tap on text.
  • Choose text style and color and set your text position on video and click ok.
  • Then set text showing duration : Starting or ending time of showing text on video.

Rotate video Angles

  • Click on Rotate video button and select video from your media gallery.
  • after select video rotation option slide right to rotate video.
  • After rotate your video you can apply lots of filter effect and Blur effect.

ADD Background Music

  • Click on Add background music button and choose your video after select video click on add music button and choose music you can also select music from your media.
  • After select music set music volume and also set music playing timing.
  • Check Repeat music if you want.
  • Click on save button after add music.

Blur Video Effect

  • Click on blur video effect button and select video from your media gallery.
  • There is lot’s of Background pattern select any pattern and set blur amount.