AZ Screen Recorder & GIF Maker

If you want to build a GIF, short video that you have on your own computer or that is convened on video sharing websites, there are websites where you can do this online. But recording a webcam record video and curve it into a GIF is becoming hard, but using AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder windows application you can do this also you can transform your own computer video or that convened on the video-sharing website.

Now start the mentor AZ screen recorder here you can know the full information of applications with application features:

  • Fade and Slide transitions accessible.
  • Capture prevalence per second, per minute, and per hour.
  • Edit your GIF before save.
  • Screen recording, you can save in GIF or video format.
  • Handle all images in GIF.
  • Crop images: Weed out unwanted parts.
  • Add text, and draw on the image.

STEP 1: When the app initiates, click on the Your-Cam button.

STEP 2: Register a short video (advisable: 20-30 seconds max)

  • Use the record, pause, dispose, or stop buttons to supervision your screen recorder.
  • Select the maximum FPS of the capture GIF.
  • Rescale the window to arrange the size of the capture GIF.
  • If your video is more than 20-30 seconds, in this case, chances are that the GIF you cause will be large and difficult to share so we suggest keeping it short.

After Webcam recording when you end the recording you will auto reroute to GIF Editor:

Where you can edit your Webcam record GIF.

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I really like AZ screen Recorder app a lot! It's very easy to configure and use... Very intuitive ad user friendly. Even if you're a noob, AZ screen recorder should be a painless experience. Great work..

Harjot Kaur


Work extremely well! The app is beautifully designed and easy to use too record screen to GIF. Highly recommended to download and use AZ Sreen Recorde, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder.

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AZ screen Recorder, GIF Recorder app is just what I needed, it's UI is intuitive, feels like I've been using it for my whole life once I Opened, everything was exactly where i thought it would be great.

Rajeev Thakur


Very Good Application, Powerful and easy to use.Great job to the developers and thankyou for making application like this. Making gifs is often the best and faster way to explain something.

Harsul Hisham


This is The best Screen recording and GIF Recorder Editor. It Work so well! this is amazing. I recommended to AZ Screen recorder application for Screen recording of GIF recording. Great work....!

Jonathan Morgan