Video Player All Formats

Video Player All Formats is the newest app for all Windows 10 devices.
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Guide to use Video Player All Formats:

Let’s get started : Click on any video or video icon(top right corner) for play video.

  • Click on pink video button for choose video.
  • Open library and select video.

How to use Tools for video setting : 

  • First sign for increase and decrease brightness(drag your mouse up and down on screen).
  • Second sign for seek position. Change video position by dragging mouse left or right on  video screen.
  • Third sign for sound volume of your video. Drag your mouse up and down for increase and decrease the sound.
  • You can use some video adjustments tools by one click.
  • Play and pause your video in video player panel by one click.
  • make backward and forward your video.
  • See your video in full screen.

How To Control Video Speed :

  • Click on speed icon and have a look some video speed numbers.
  • Select higher number for high speed and low number for slow speed.
  • You can lock and unlock the screen rotation(left top corner icon).