Video Player All Formats

Video Player All Formats is the newest app for all Windows 11 devices.

One of the best and most reliable video player apps in the Store, Video Player All Formats is a new premium video player which is compatible with all devices that support the latest Windows 10 and supports ALL the video formats that are available. 

A video player is just like a music player. It can play a variety of videos back-to-back without any interruptions, which provides a seamless viewing experience. It supports a plethora of video functions and utilities such as reversing, forwarding, managing volume and brightness, managing video playback speed, and many more and combines them through an enhanced and refined user interface.

 The application presents an all-new feature in which the viewer can touch over the video to move forward or reverse the video. This is a simple and easy way to move through the video conveniently and have an enjoyable viewing experience.

The application also includes a separate Video Gallery, which provides a hassle-free way to access all the video content stored in the device library.

Video Player All Formats is the perfect video player with all video playing options.
The application also has rotation locking capability, which prevents accidental screen rotations while viewing videos and provides an uninterrupted viewing experience.
A must-have application for both phones and desktops, this beautiful app is now available to download on the Windows Store.

Download and install this simple and easy-to-use application and enjoy the experience.

Guide to use: Video Player All Formats

Step 1: Once the application is launched after installation, all the videos that are stored in the device library will be visible in the application’s Video Gallery. Click on any video to start viewing.

Step 2: By clicking on the square icon at the top left corner, an option to manually search for any video in the device library presents itself. Enter the name of the video you want to view and click on it to start playing.

Step 3: Apply some video player tools:

  •   You can see some of the tools at the bottom.
  •   Click on the first icon and stop your video.
  •   Click on the second icon and rewind 10 seconds.
  •   Click on the third icon to play the previous video.
  •   Click on the fourth icon to rewind the video.
  •   Click on the fifth icon to play/pause the video.
  •   Click on the sixth icon to fast-forward the video
  •   Click on the eighth icon to play the next video.
  •   Click on the ninth icon to skip 30 seconds forward.
  •   Click on the tenth icon to resume playback from the beginning.

Step 4: To move ahead, at the bottom right corner of the screen, click the arrow icon to enter/exit full-screen mode. At the top, left corner of the screen is the rotation lock icon.

Step 5: Click on this icon to lock the screen orientation at its current status (landscape or portrait).

Install and enjoy