Text on Photos - Word Quotes - TextArt

Download the “Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt” app now!

Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt” is an exceptional application that allows users to effortlessly add text to their photos. With this app, you can enhance your images by adding text and creating nature photos with a variety of default backgrounds and multiple font options.

Edit your photos with creative and imaginative fonts, along with cool stickers, by downloading the amazing “Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt” application on your phone or tablet.

This app is perfect for creating photo frames with colorful stickers and texts, transforming pictures into cherished memories by adding meaningful text or quotes.

Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt” is user-friendly, allowing you to edit and share your sentiments or feelings through text, giving your photos an emotional touch within minutes. Share your edited images on various social media platforms to express your feelings or emotions with others.

Also known as the Quotes creator and photo editor app, “Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt” is the best quotes maker application. Create unique inspirational images with your own words and quotes, and share them on social media to become known for your motivational creations.

Key Features of Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt:

  • Blend images with photo filters to achieve stunning photo effects, and add customizable stickers to make your photos lively.
  • A standout feature is the color-changeable stickers, allowing you to customize them with various color combinations.
  • Add one or more texts and stickers to create beautiful images. Stickers are categorized into various themes like Autumn, New Year, Birthday, Food, Doodle, Fun, Halloween, Music, Hip-hop, Sports, and more.
  • Add birthday messages, love messages, wedding messages with wedding photo backgrounds, vacation quotes, friendship quotes, famous quotes, and funny messages on photos.

Download the “Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt” app now and add text to your photos with this easy-to-use text and photo editor. Add captions to photos, rotate text, set font family, font size, font color, and text shadow. After editing your image, save your creative piece in the pictures library and share it with friends for some fun.

Steps to guide Text on Photos – Word Quotes – TextArt:- 

Step 1:- Let’s Get Started

Click on the Start button to initiate the process. Start editing and writing text on the photo. Two options will be visible: “Text on Photos” and “Text on Videos.” Choose one option, and you will be directed to a dialog box where you can select your photo or video.

Step 2:- Utilizing the “Text” Option

Along the way, you will encounter the “Text” option. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the text button and write your text in a blank white box.
  2. Modify your text color, text styles (A, B, I), or text alignment.
  3. Choose from a variety of font families on your window. Select any one and add text.
  4. Click on the save button to download your image.
  1. Click on the Background button in the text options to change the text background color.
  2. Choose the color option and modify the text color.
  3. Click on the Align option to adjust text alignment.
  4. Utilize the opacity setting to change the transparency of your text.
  5. Click on the Shadow button to apply a shadow to your text. You can also use spacing to adjust the distance between text words.
  6. Explore the Caption option and add a caption to your creation.

Step 3:- Click on Crop button and crop your photo. Also app’s provides different social media aspect ratio also you can choose easily.

Step 4:- Photo Adjustment

  • Click on the Rotation button to rotate your photo.
  • Explore the Effect button to apply cool color photo effects to your photo creation.

Step 5:- Applying Overlay Effects

  • Enhance your photos by applying Overlay effects for a funky and trendy look. Click on the Overlay button, then select multiple Overlay Effects one by one.

Step 6:- Adding Borders and Frames

  • Click on the Border button to add a border to your photos.
  • Explore the Frame button to apply cool and awesome frames to enhance your photos.

Step 7:- Adding Stickers and Doodles

  • Add a touch of fun and trendiness to your edited photos by applying stickers. Click on the Doodle button to unleash your creativity and make doodles on your photo creation.

Step 8:-  Adding Doodles and Stickers

  • Infuse a funky and trendy look into your edited photos by applying doodles. Click on the Stickers button and select multiple stickers one by one.

All done! Now, click on the save button to save your creation in JPG and PNG formats.

Step 9:- Transition to “Text on Video”

After completing the “Text on Photo” creation, click on “Text On Video.” Select a video from your gallery, and you can customize the duration of your video. Once selected, click on “Next.”

Step 10:-  Editing Text on Video

  1. Click on the “Add New” option to introduce new text. Edit existing text by clicking on the “Edit” button.
  2. Use the Background button in the text options to change the text background.
  3. Select the color option to modify the text color.
  4. Utilize the Align option to adjust text alignment.
  5. Adjust text opacity by clicking on the Opacity option.
  6. Apply shadows to your text by clicking on the Shadow button. You can also use spacing to adjust the distance between text words.
  7. Add captions to your creation by exploring the Caption option.

Step 11:-  Enhancing Your Video

  1. Click on Stickers to apply stickers to your video.
  2. Create a montage or slideshow by adding more images over the current image. Use the “Add Image” option for this creative feature.

Step 12:-  Save and Share

Click on the “Save” button to save the image or video with added text. Share your creative work with friends and family.