Hair Style Salon & Color Changing Booth

Did you ever imagine what you’d look like with a new hairstyle? Use this app to find out.

A person’s haircut is the most conspicuous part of their appearance and sets the tone for their entire look. A good haircut is believed to inseminate a sense of confidence, eventually making you feel more in control of yourself. also, according to a study, people with a good haircut feel smarter and further able of performing their tasks, as opposed to those who are going through a bad hair day. Are you tired of your same old haircut or hair color? Do you want to try commodity new but warrant the courage to do so? Are you hysterical of lamenting your decision? You ’ll be enraptured to learn about our operation, which can give you with a close- to-real- life idea of how you would look with different hairstyles and hair colors. The operation allows you to try on a wide variety of hairstyles and hair colors. There’s no need to stress about how a new addition to your hair would look. You can now fantasize yourself with different hairstyles colors and indeed explore other options you might not have considered before. The operation further offers you a large palette of tones to choose from. It’ll enable you to choose ‘ the bone
’ perfect haircut for your face type/ shape. It’s a must- try for people who are wearied with their mundane haircut.We’re then to take over your sorrows and fill your heart up with sun. Not only this, but the operation also offers a scaling tool for you to acclimate the size of the haircut, length, and texture of the hair or the intensity of hair color. What are you staying for? Go chase your happiness and prisoner beautiful filmland with different hairstyles using our operation. Save and partake your gorgeous filmland with your musketeers and family via social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Step up your hair game using this marvelous operation, and you ’ll end up looking nothing lower than a phenomenon!

Guide to use:-  Hair Style Salon and Colour Changing Booth.

STEP 1:-  To get started, you first need to install the application on your PC or any other device.

  • Once the app launches, you will come across three options on your screen: ‘Camera‘ ‘Gallery‘ and ‘Tutorial.’
  • Click on the Camera button to get a real-time view of different hairstyles or hair colors on your lovely face. Alternatively, you can choose a photo from your file storage by clicking on the Gallery button to proceed further.

STEP 2:-

  • After clicking on the Gallery button, your file storage will open, allowing you to choose the desired image for trying on new hairstyles and hair colors. You will then be required to select the part of the picture on which you want to try hair filters.

STEP 3:- 

  • Now, you will have to choose the desired package for yourself. We offer a wide collection of hairstyles for both men and women. Explore different hairstyles from the chosen package, select the one that appeals to you the most, and then set it on your head.

STEP 4:- Now, you will see your picture with the chosen hairstyle, giving you an idea of how it would look in real life. Just below your picture, you will find four options:

  • Get a Photo: This option allows you to click a new picture to try different hairstyles.

  • Edit Photo: This option enables you to edit the photo according to your preferences, such as cropping or adding desired filters.

  • Package: This option allows you to switch to any other package in case you are dissatisfied with the existing one.

  • My Style: This option enables you to try on other styles from the package you have chosen.

STEP 5:- 

  • Now, select the hair color that appeals to you the most, and voila! Your makeover is complete. You can either save the image, share it with your friends, add it to your favorites on the app itself, or explore other options.