Hair Style Salon & Color Changing Booth

Did you ever imagine what you’d look like with new hair style?
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Guide to use Hair Style Salon & Color Changing Booth :

Let’s get started : Click on camera, gallery and choose your photo.

  • Open library and choose your photo for edit hair color.
  • Click on zoom icon and set zoom in and zoom out.
  • Click on rotate icon and rotate your photo left and right.

Tools for Hair edit:

  • Click on get photo icon and choose image.
  • Click on edit photo and set your photo in mask image.
  • Click on package and you can see lots of hair styles for men and women choose anyone and set on your head.
  •  Click on my style and edit your hair.
  • Click on Package and find some hair color styles.
  • Select any style for men and women then set on your head.
  • Click on my style and find some hair edit options.
  • Click on hair color and change the colors of selected hair.
  • Click on Bg image and change bg colors.
  • Click on flip icon and flip your hair style.
  • Click on edit hair and adjust hair size.
  • Click on my style the click on hair color and change your hair color easily.
  • Click on Edit hair and click on two icons for hair size then adjust your hair height and width.
  • Click on Arrows and you can change hair style directly.