AZ Screen Recorder & GIF Maker

How To Customize Application

AZ Screen Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Windows that helps you record smooth & clear screen videos and save them as GIFs or in video format.

With a ton of features like screen capture, screen video recording, and video editing, this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen videos, such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos, live shows, and videos that cannot be downloaded.


  • Import frames from video.
  • Full editing of frames recorded in GIF.
  • Remove duplicate frames.
  • Reduce frame count as well.
  • Resize, crop, write free text, free drawing, watermark, cinemagraph, border, shadow, and more.
  • Fade and slide transitions available.
  • Capture frequency per second, per minute, and per hour.
  • Edit your GIF before saving.
  • Screen recording; you can save it as a GIF or video format.
  • Manage all images in GIF.
  • Crop images: Remove unwanted parts.
  • Add text and draw on the image.

Download and use this best Screen Recording GIF maker application.

  • Disclaimer: This app is not associated with any social media platforms.

STEP 1: When the app starts, click on the Recorder key.

STEP 2: Transfer this window on top of the content that you desire to record.

This is the default screen recorder UI. Simply transfer this window on top of the content you want to record. With this application, you can also replace this UI by customizing it (Click Here to Know How to change UI). In this UI, easily select an area of your screen that you want to record. You can also move to another window and screen method.

Use the record, pause, dispose, or stop buttons to command your screen recorder. Select the recording frequency mode (manual, normal in fps, time-lapse in fpm/fps).

Older UI:

  • Drag or resize the window to regulate what you want to record.
  • Type the accurate size of the record region.
  • Drag the crosshair key and drop it on top of a window to change the recorder to capture the screen.

Newer UI:

  • Enter selection mode, which lets you select a region, a window, or the complete screen to record.

Step 3:Click on the camera icon to take screenshots of your recorded screen.

Step 4:- Also, you can easily play and pause your recording by clicking on the play icon.

Step 5:- Also, you can easily play and pause your recording by clicking on the play icon.

Step 6:- Click on the microphone icon to easily change the settings for your screen recording.

Click on the volume icon to set your volume sound.

Step 7:- Click on the window icon and select your capture area – either full or window.

Step 7:- You can easily save your screen recording by clicking on the files icon to check your recorded videos and screenshots.

Step 7:- Click on the Settings icon to easily manage your settings, such as Hotkey, Video, Screenshots, and output folder.

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