Slideshow Maker with Music FX - Music Video Maker

One of the best Slideshow maker app to merge photos in a video create memories with bunch of photos.

Slideshow Maker with Music FX – Music Video Maker is one of the best slideshow maker apps to merge photos into a video. Create memories with a collection of photos bundled together beautifully, accompanied by background music, video effects, themes, and more.

Users can set the duration of images, and they can also add text and emojis to the video. Choose pictures from the gallery and turn them into a slideshow, adding effects, music, and text to make it worth watching again and again.

All these editing tools and the slideshow maker are completely free!

You can use transition slide effects, add filters, set the duration between images, add default or manual audio, include stickers, and apply extra effects like wave, rotating titles, and more. Add a blur effect and highlight the added text effect on your video.

Multiple filters are available for making creative and attractive videos that you can easily share on social media platforms. Adjust the video speed as fast or slow as you like, and add default music according to the theme. Customized effects are also available to decorate your pictures. The app’s display includes a palette with a wide collection of trendy and funky stickers. Slideshow Maker with Music FX – Music Video Maker is a user-friendly application developed by our team, quickly understandable and easy to use.

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Slideshow Theme

Shower your videos with numerous filters, effects, and present them in a continuous trail. This feature is a top priority for users, and we provide this enriching slideshow feature in our application to make your work easy, allowing you to make corrections effortlessly.

Step 1: Launch the application and click on “Rotate Video” to proceed. Select the videos from your device’s gallery.

Step 2: Adjust all the sliders for the respective options to set the blurriness of the background and border.

Step 3:

  • Click on “Blur Amount” and set the desired amount.
  • Use “Radius X and Y” to adjust the radius on your rotated video creation.
  • You can also scale your rotated video creation.
  • Utilize “BG Pattern” to add a background pattern to your rotated video creation.

Step 4:-  Save the video by using the save icon, and it will be stored in the gallery of your device.