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Now design creative posters with Poster Maker & Flyer Maker. An extra-ordinary tool that will transform your regular posts into creative posters within seconds.

You can do many creative things with this app such as create quotes, design birthday posters, design promotional poster for blogs/articles, create a picture and send like a message, and much more.

This app has got the most effective tools that can transform an empty background to an attractive posters within seconds, it is an all-in-one app which provides you with 40+ background choices and with customized size in 5+ different ratios.

Its amazing features include:

Backgrounds – Pick your background from over 40+ backgrounds options with different themes suitable for your need or you can also select your background by clicking instantly with camera

Crop – Option to crop background in 5+ different ratios

Effects – Apply effects on background to give it a new vintage/sepia/antique/black and white look

Typography – Add customized text on the background with several font style options to add creative texts, scale and resize to set it anywhere on the layout.

Add Colors – Replace your background with solid color background, choose color from a wide options of shades

Stunning Visual Artwork – Over 200+ design and decorative elements to create unique and customizable ads, flyers and banners

Add Overlay – apply flares, striking overlays and bokeh to your artwork

Advance Filtering – create eye-catching posters by using filters to adjust:
brightness, contrast, vignette, sharpness, color, etc.

Save and Share – Save the poster in pictures library with a unique name and share your own designed poster through easy sharing options on social media, let everyone know your creations

Isn’t it a Wonderful app to frame your creativity as a poster/invitation…Get it installed on any Windows 10 device and enjoy using it!

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