Movie Maker for Photos: Free Video Editor

Movie Maker for Photos” features unique filters and transitions that can be applied to videos.

Movie Maker for Photos” boasts unique filters, transitions applicable to videos, video merging, video trimming for extracting specific parts, extracting audio (.mp3 files) from videos, and fun image editing with stickers and effects, among other features.

The application also introduces a Slideshow Maker, allowing users to create captivating slideshows by selecting images from the picture library. Users can add transitions, set image durations, overlay frames, attach stickers and texts, and even include background music, transforming it into a perfect video. The app also enables easy video recording with preferred audio clips. Numerous emoji stickers are available for free to elevate the videos to the next level, while beauty filters enhance the overall video quality.

“Movie Maker for Photos: Free Video Editor & Slideshow Maker” provides the ability to trim videos, allowing users to cut specific segments and save them as new files. The Video to Mp3 option facilitates the extraction of music from videos and saves it as an mp3 file. The built-in Video Editor allows users to select one or more videos from their library, apply filters, add stickers or emojis for specific durations, insert text, and include impressive effects. The Video Transition tool allows the addition of transition effects between images and videos, while Video Effects enhance content with a selection of beautiful effects and overlays.

Explore and discover new content every day for free, and broadcast whenever you want. Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free.

To enhance viewer engagement, the application enables continuous playback of photos and videos in a seamless flow, eliminating the need for users to tap the next button. This feature allows users to preview and make corrections to the edited video or album, ensuring a polished final product.

Step 1:-  Once you have downloaded the magnificent application on your PC or device, you will encounter several options on the home screen. Click on ‘Slideshow’ among the provided features, and you’re good to go.

Step 2:-  Click on the option that reads, “Select videos/Photos from your files on your computer.” Choose your file from your computer.

Slideshow your videos from the beginning or end to adjust its size. Select from the various options for the desired format and resolution, which are built into the application.

The slideshow option is located in the main menu; you have to select pictures from your computer to create a slideshow. You need to start afresh to create a slideshow. The slideshow option is given in the main menu; select pictures from your computer and create a slideshow.

Add Music to Slideshow Video:

Click on the “Music” button to add music to your slideshow video. A slideshow video is incomplete without music, and by using the movie creator slideshow feature, you can craft a perfect slideshow video.

Slideshow Transition:

Click on the “Transition” button to apply transition effects to your slideshow video. Transitions act as the glue that holds your slideshow together. Without transitions, your video might end up being as unexciting as burnt toast. Choose a transition and click on the next tool to proceed.

  • Click the “Canvas” button on the Video Editing screen to be directed to a separate window with multiple options. On the Canvas screen, you’ll find 14 different screen ratios designed to meet your various social media needs. These ratios range from 16:9, commonly used for YouTube and Facebook posts, to others tailored for different platforms.
  • Enhance your slideshow by incorporating effects, music, stickers, themes, text, and transitions. Use the Duration/Record option to seamlessly integrate additional pictures into your slide and fine-tune the time duration of each slide for a customized and polished presentation.
  • Discover specially designed ratios for various social media platforms. The 1:1 ratio is perfect for Instagram posts, fitting seamlessly into both IGTV and regular posts. The 9:16 ratio, popular among the youth, is ideal for Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, TikTok, and other trending social media apps. Optimize your Instagram and Facebook feed with the 4:5 ratio, suitable for creating quick posts and lengthy IGTV videos, enhancing your visibility on these platforms.
  • To fine-tune your slideshow, click on the Duration/Record button. Adjust the video duration, add or remove photos, and rearrange slide positions with ease. Drag left or right to set the desired slideshow time duration and create engaging visual content for your audience.
  • Click the “Effects” button and select a filter effect to apply to your slideshow video. Simply choose any filter effect, and instantly witness the transformations it brings to your slideshow video.
  • Click on the “Stickers” button to incorporate fantastic and cool stickers into your video. Select the stickers button to add them to your photo, and you’ll discover a variety of funny and cool stickers on your screen. Simply click on the stickers that appeal to you and that you’d like to include in your video.
  • While on the editing screen, you’ll notice our “Add Text” feature, designed to enhance your video by incorporating highlights, captions, logos, or sponsor-related text. This feature is particularly useful when you want to emphasize specific elements throughout your video.
  • To use this feature, click on the “TEXT” option and explore the various fonts available. Choose the font that complements your style and background, adding value to your video. Once you’ve selected your text style, input your content into the appearing text box. Click “accept” to save the content, and if desired, customize the color from the provided shades below. This allows you to create visually appealing and informative content tailored to your preferences.

Enhance your slideshow video by adding music with these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Music” button to access the music options for your slideshow video.

  2. Recognize that a slideshow video is incomplete without music, and with the movie creator slideshow feature, you can seamlessly integrate the perfect soundtrack to complement your visuals.

Adding music not only elevates the overall viewing experience but also adds a dynamic element to your slideshow, making it more engaging and memorable.

Explore a new dimension in your slideshow video creation with our Live Video Theme Effects:

  1. Click on the “Theme” button to unveil a variety of captivating theme effects for your slideshow video.

  2. Apply these amazing theme effects to infuse creativity and vibrancy into your slideshow, transforming it into a visually stunning presentation.

Select from a plethora of themes available, each offering a unique and impressive visual style. This feature adds a dynamic touch to your slideshow, allowing you to create an extraordinary and visually appealing presentation.

Once your editing is complete, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Save” button to store your edited video in your gallery, ensuring your work is preserved.

  2. Tap the open folder button to easily locate the saved video file.

  3. Utilize the sharing button to share your edited masterpiece with others, spreading your creative work.

  4. Explore additional options by clicking on the “More apps” button to discover and download more amazing apps from our collection.

These steps empower you to not only save and share your edited video but also explore other creative possibilities with our diverse range of applications.