Video Editor : Video Maker

You can also edit your current videos, trim your videos, add beautiful themes to them, add music to it, add text on videos. 

You can edit your existing videos, trim them, add beautiful themes, include music, insert text, apply unique filters, and even split or duplicate your videos. Everything you need to create awesome videos is included in this application.

Our Photo Movie Maker is a beautifully designed application for crafting videos from images, adding music, and sharing captivating music video stories with your friends!

As a Powerful Video Editor, it offers hundreds of user-friendly special effects, ranging from themes to filters and more. The interface is easy-to-use, providing professional editing tools for a fast performance to create stunning love videos in minutes. The app allows you to add music to your love videos from your mobile device, along with editing and trimming features. Enhance your videos with beautiful themes, and users can also duplicate videos. Additionally, you can easily share your videos on Instagram, thanks to this app’s features. Enjoy the benefits of amazing photo-fixing filters.


  • Transform your photos into movie and slideshow masterpieces with just a few clicks.
  • Access a new music library with even more built-in background music.
  • Import your favorite pictures to create the perfect slideshow.
  • Choose from multiple themes, including Birthday, Love, and more.

Share your creations on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, VK, Kik, Vimeo, Wechat, and more.

Video Maker, Video Editor, Video Slideshow, Video Trimmer, Extract MP3, Add Background Music, Merge Video.

Step 1:- 

We’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to utilize our video editing service. After downloading the app on your PC or laptop, click to open the application. Once launched, you’ll find the option for video editing prominently displayed on the home screen, among other features.

Video Editor

Editing is essential for users looking to elevate their video content and add a touch of creativity. It brings a distinct flavor to the visual appeal of the videos. Our well-curated application empowers you with robust editing features, allowing you to enhance and refine your videos effortlessly.

Step 2:

Click on it to choose a video from the gallery on your device.

Step 3:- 

After selecting the video, click on “Canvas” to easily choose your favorite aspect ratio tailored for different social media platforms. Apply your selection. Next, click on “Split” to edit and customize the split as needed.

Step 4:- 

Click on “Copy” to duplicate your video clip. If you wish to remove the selected video, you can click on the delete icon to delete it.

Step 5:- 

Click on “Properties” to review and check the selected properties. Additionally, you can edit the video’s volume as needed.

Step 6:- 

Click on “Add Layer” to incorporate an additional layer into your video creation.

Step 7:-

Click on “Transitions” and apply the desired transition effects to enhance the flow of your clip.

Step 8:-

Enhance your video by adding effective themes. Explore numerous options available in the application by clicking on the “Theme” icon.

Step 9:- 

Click on “Add Music” and incorporate your favorite music into your video creation.

Step 10:- 

Utilize ‘Stickers’ and ‘Text’ features to add expressive emojis, stickers, and meaningful words to your video, enhancing its overall impact.

Step 11:- 

Click on the “Text” button and add text to your video. Easily customize the font style, text color, text background color, text opacity, and more according to your preferences.

Step 10:

Click on the “Add Clip” icon to insert additional video clips or music into your project. You can also incorporate colors to enhance your creation.

After Done!

Now, save the edited video in the gallery of your device.