Video Editor : Video Maker

You can also edit your current videos, trim your videos, add beautiful themes to them, add music to it, add text on videos. 

You can edit your current videos, trim them, add beautiful themes, include music, insert text, add unique filters, and even split or duplicate them. Everything you need to make awesome videos is included in this application.

Our Photo Movie Maker is a beautifully crafted application for creating videos from images, adding music, and sharing amazing music video stories with your friends!

It is a powerful video editor from which you can choose from hundreds of user-friendly special effects, ranging from themes to filters and more. It has easy-to-use professional editing tools with a simple interface, ensuring fast performance to create stunning love videos in a minute. The app can add music to your love videos from your mobile device, with editing and trimming features. Add beautiful themes to your videos, and the user can also duplicate videos. You can even post your videos on Instagram, thanks to the amazing photo-fixing filters.


– Turn your photos into movie and slideshow masterpieces with just a few clicks.

– Access a new music library that features even more built-in background music.

– Import your favorite pictures to create the perfect slideshow.

– Choose from multiple themes, including Birthday, Love, and more.

Share your works on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, VK, Kik, Vimeo, WeChat, and more.

Video Maker, Video Editor, Extract Mp3, Slideshow Video, Add Background Music, Merge Video.

Add Background Music:- 

The addition of audio music can elevate the impact of great pictures, making it an essential element at times. Users often find themselves in a constant need to harmonize the audio to create a more emotive atmosphere for their images. This process can be quite tiresome, but with our video editing application, adding background music has become a seamless and effortless feature.

Step 1:- 

Launch the application and tap on the “Add Background Music” icon to insert audio.

  • Click on “Add Audio” and choose the audio for your video background. You can opt for the default audio or click on “Add to File” to include your favorite audio in your video creation.

  • To maintain the original volume of your video, select “Original Volume.”

  • Utilize the “Trim” button to adjust the duration of your video.

  • Click on “Sound” to manage the sound settings of your video.

Step 3: – Click on the “Save” button to store your creation. Additionally, you can share your creation with family and friends.