AZ Screen Recorder, GIF Recorder Editor, Video Recorder

Easy way to create GIF from screen recording, multi images. This is a GIF recorder as well as editor. Webcam recording and canvas recording support.
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Let’s get started :Open Your application to record screen.

  •  Recorder
  • YourCam
  • Canvas
  • Editor
  • Click on Record button and set size and area to record selected area.
  • click on record button to start recording.
  • After record click on stop button to stop your recording.
  • After stop you will auto redirect to editor.
  • Here you can edit your recorded screen each frame.
  • there lot’s of tools to edit screen like write and color and more.
  • Click on YouCam button to record WebCam video.
  • Here you can record video and edit your video using editor and save in video format and gif.
  • Click on canvas button to draw on canvas board and record what you write on your board.
  • You can edit your canvas record each screen.
  • Click on editor button here is blank editor.
  • After that click on  file button and select blank screen and here all option like recording webcam and canvas etc to start recording.
  • Click on save button to save your edit video and gif.